My story is your story.

My story is your story.

The New York Times Magazine

The Disappeared

By Sarah A. Topol

No Uighur family was untouched by this tragedy, but it seemed to her that too many people were politicizing the crisis. She thought Uighur groups in exile were talking too much about religious freedom and independence. She didn’t see any expression of human pain.

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Photo / Asa Sjostrom for The New York Times

The South China Morning Post

What happened to our parents?

By Xinyan Yu

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The Foreign Policy

China’s War on Uighurs

Interview by Sarah Wildman

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A guard watchtower rises along a perimeter fence of what is officially known as a vocational skills education center for Uighur Muslims in Dabancheng in Xinjiang, China, on Sept. 4, 2018. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

The Diplomat

Even China’s ‘Model’ Uyghurs Aren’t Safe

By Kelly Ng

Uyghurs who have tried hard to assimilate into the majority Han Chinese culture have not been spared from detention.… read more.

Coda Story

How TikTok opened a window into China’s police state

By Isobel Cockerell

A video shows mostly Uyghur police dancing before the Chinese flag. A sign above them suggests it’s part of a group psychological support session… read more.

Stand News

A Speech at Stockholm Anti-totalitarianism Rally

I live in Sweden, I’m standing among you, yet I’m too afraid to deliver this message to you myself as it will put myself and my family in risk if I am recognized. This is how bad the situation is… read more.

China File

Islamophobia in China

Too many racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and Islamophobic conversations stop at the moment when we think they are too wrong to even be debated, when we think the people who hold opinions contrary to our own are no longer worth communicating with.… read more.

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